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Data recovery is the process of maintaining secondary storage, removable media or files unavailable, lost, corrupted, bad, corrupted or protected, when the data stored in them normally do not have access Can be done Statistics are often stored in storage media such as internal or external hard drives, solid state drives, USB flash drives, magnetic tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID subscribers, and other electronic devices. Maintenance can cause physical damage to storage devices or logical corruption because the host prevents the installation of the operating system. The most common data recovery scenario includes operating system failure, storage device error, logical failure of storage devices, accidental damage or termination, etc. (Generally, single drive, single drive, single operating system) In this case, the ultimate goal is to copy all important files from a harmful medium to a new drive. It can be accessed easily through Live CDs, many of which provide the source of the system drive and backup drives or removable media to install and file manager or optical disk image software back to the media to move files. Often, these cases can be minimized by splitting disks and saving separate files (or their copy) separately from the valuable files of the data system.

Another scene involves a drive level failure, such as a contractual file system or a distribution partition, or hard drive failure. In any of these, the media devices are not read easily. Depending on the situation, the solution based recovery software based on the logical file system, distribution table or repair repair or master repair, is also known as recovery recovery techniques recovery ( hard drive “firmware”), which is hardware based on a physically damaged drive, to allow the database to be readable. For changes to harmful parts of the unit and can be copied to a new drive. If the unit is needed, it automatically fails permanently, and keeping the attention to any data can be read instead of receiving any time.

data recovery

In a third view, the files have been misleading “misleading” users of medium storage. Typically, the contents of the deleted files are not immediately deleted from the physical drive, but their references are deleted in the directory structure and then the data that ends the space. After calculating the number is available later for writing data. In the minds of end users, deleted files cannot be discovered by the standard file manager, but deleted data remains technically in a technical unit. Meanwhile, the contents of the original file remain in a series of attachments, often parts, and no longer written by other data files, then recoverable. Physical data recovery from physical malicious hardware may include several techniques. Some damage can be repaired by replacing sections on the hard drive. You can use the disk only, but still logical damage. A specific disk image method is used to achieve each read bit at this level. Once this image will be received and relied on a reliable source, the image can be safely analyzed for logical damage and will allow the original file system to be rebuilt.

Sometimes, Lost, Deleted and Format due to circumstances such as data on physical drives (internal / external hard drive, pen drive, etc.), virus attacks, accidental deletion or accidental use of SHIFT + DELETE. In such cases, data recovery software is used to restore / restore data files. In logical disk logs of the hard disk, the logical flag is the most common one in which the data file can not be found in any media area of ​​the media. To solve this, the software is used to correct the logical fields of the media unit. If this is not enough, the hardware must be replaced in logical incorrect fields. Physical damage to the hard drive, even in cases where there has been an accident in the head, does not mean that the data is permanently damaged.