Oanda Review | A must read before you trade with Oanda

OANDA is a multi-faced financial service Forex dealing and CFD agent and market manufacturer. Established in 1996, OANDA is based in New You are able to and is available for investors in the U.S, Asia, European and Canada. The organization has been the receiver of several worldwide prizes and is controlled in six different nations under MiFID, ASIC, CFTC, NFA, Cusecs, and FCA.

Read Oanda review below to figure out if this top FOREX agent is right for you.

OANDA was the first agent in 1995 to provide a wide range of forex exchange-rate information free over the Web. Today, it offers one of the world’s biggest and most precise data source of rate of return, managing more than several concerns a day. The Forex Trade dealing system was released in 2001.


OANDA provides an ordinary account and there is no lowest down payment required to open it. A trial account is available for investors just wetting their legs in Forex dealing. Compared with most other Forex agents that provide the trial for a few months period, OANDA’s forex Trade Practice is available for as long as it takes an investor to meat up his dealing skills before starting a real account.

A 100,000-unit starting balance or profit/loss can be totally reset at any moment, and make use of can be modified to test a trader’s satisfaction. Highest possible make use of is 50:1. OANDA provides over 70 forex and jewelry sets.


There are seven excellent dealing resources available at OANDA.

Motive Wave is a professional planning, technological research and dealing system which allows investors to quickly perform specific conventional research using periods, pattern lines, programs, forks, research and more.

So let me tell you why I love OANDA, and why you will too.

OANDA’s Track Record

OANDA is one of the most reliable forex companies on the market. They have been around since 1996, and they have the distinction of being one of the first forex agents to bring retail outlet dealing to the public. Read Oanda review in detail here.

They were the first organization to provide a fully computerized, online forex system – their popular trade. Forex dealing investors like us have leaders like OANDA to thank for providing forex dealing to anyone else.

Since their origins, they have did in all areas possible. They have one of the biggest rates of successful forex investors on the market, smallest propagates on the market, and improvements that other agents lack. Their trade system has obtained many prizes, such as the “Best Mobile Platform” prize in 2015 and the “World’s Best Retail FOREX Platform” in 2016.

They also obtained a market prize for “Best Client Service” in 2015 and the “Most Recommended Forex dealing Provider” prize in 2016. Even after over 20 years, they are at the top as one of the best of the best.

Great Amount of Successful Traders

When read Oanda review, you may have often observed that 95% of forex trading investors are unprofitable overall, with only about 5% being continually profitable. In comparison to this calculate, OANDA’s portion of profitable records is nearer to 30% regularly.

Lowest Propagates in the Industry

Many forex agents declare to have the cheapest spreads on the market, but just making an insurance declare does not make it real.

OANDA truly does have the cheapest spreads on the market. On the EUR/USD, spreads can be as low as 0.1 pips (1/10th of a pip) for Top quality Account Owners (accounts greater than $20,000).

However, even for non-Premium records, spreads on all forex sets are low with spreads on the EUR/USD being as low as one pip. Provided, if you know How to Win in Forex, then you likely will not be a frequent account owner for long.