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Yahoo Japan Auction – Shop Yahoo Auctions and Buy from Japan

As you know yahoo auction is a complete public auction site, which is completely targeted on Japan items.

Like you, many individuals from all over the world are like to buy Japan items from auction. Moreover, visitors’ online Auction has their exclusive participant id to execute putting in a bid on public auction items. Therefore, it is not all possible for other individuals to interact with this website.

Many company lovers have recognized this as a challenging scenario and tried to do make simpler through a small company. Therefore, at the end, it becomes the main for the following company to appear in the industry.

  1. Rakuten
  2. Buyyee.
  3. Jauce .com
  4. Japamart etc.

Rakuten details all the Yahoo Japan auction items. In addition, other websites detail only the Yahoo Japan items. Therefore, if you want to buy public auction items from YAHOO JAPAN AUCTION you can choose any of the above websites.

When you picked the product, you want to locate a bid on, please attract your attention to the following:

  • Product scenario – please ensure that you know the device’s scenario before putting a bid
  • Public auction time – please ensure that you have plenty of an opportunity to add resources to your consideration in order to locate a bid
  • Bid amount – it reveals how popular this product among other customers. The more offers it has the less opportunity that you will win the public auction.
  • Sellers position – please check reviews about suppliers by simply clicking arrows situated under the seller’s name. We do not suggest putting offers if the supplier has more than 10% of adverse reviews.
  • Household delivery fee – if it is not described in the outline, it means that the supplier will consist of it after purchase is finished, however, sometimes delivery charges within Japan are in the cost.

yahoo auction


The only practical remedy for people from other countries is to use a proxy’s support. I have been using Japamart for that but there are others such as From Japan or Jauce and I will change to another soon as the charges are lower…

You can register on these websites straight and how things go from here relies on the website. For Japamart and a lot of others, you need to make an initial deposit via PayPal or Credit Card transaction first. The deposit amount increased by two is the most you can bid on the public auction on Japamart while it may be managed in a different way on other websites.

All services cost a number of charges that you pay on top of the device’s cost and delivery to another household place in Japan.

So you can see, charges vary a lot between services. Some services let you merge managing and delivery (which comes on top of all that) so that all your products are sent to you in a single program.

Some also let you merge managing and delivery for the household exchange, but only if you buy from the same supplier on the same day, and if that supplier allows that.

Other tips

If you do not talk Japan, use an interpretation company to convert the public auction. This should give you a difficult knowing what the product is about.

Rough because the interpretation will not be perfect but if you take into consideration the images and the interpretation, it should provide you with enough information.